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My lips are turning blue



walking out of an exam you knew you failed


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I don’t care how many times I’ve reblogged this 

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Scott Pilgrim’s response was always on point

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if you ever think my shorts are “too short” i want you to consider the following

  • they are called “shorts”
  • i look great

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Ash used Bulk Up

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american people who use british slang


We just want to be one of you and watch BBC on the telly and drink tea and ride the trolley :)


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The comedians one up on each other. Colbert can barely contain himself in the second to last gif. {x}

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This is fake. They haven’t been sat on that rock for 50 years. If you look closely you can clearly see her swimsuit is different in the second photo, it has stripes on it. And the guy’s shorts seem to have a more floral pattern in the latter photo.Also, if someone sat on a rock for 50 years, it would have made the news. My theory is, they simply returned to the same location 50 years later, and recreated the original photo.

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Please reblog if you know anyone who might take party drugs.

I’m not an emt yet, but everytime I see someone do drugs, I just hope they’re smart enough to remember these points.

I really love this, because as someone with anxiety when I did take party drugs way back when I was always scared of going to the hospital because I didnt want to be arrested…..even when I bad tripped and cried in the bathroom for 10 hours because I thought Jeff was trying to murder me. I dont do party drugs anymore, but it still is comforting to me….seriously.

Most EMTS and medics I’ve met are some of the most non-judgmental folks ever. Look, we love helping people and saving lives. That’s what we went to school for. Help us help you, and everyone will fare better for it. 

Important to pass along :)


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anyone else really wish we could have gotten the episode with Ten, Charlemagne and the Insane Computer

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Tutorial: How I colour gifs


Requested by jarjarbinkzz

If you don’t know how to make gifs, I have a tutorial here.

Note: This is just how I personally colour my gifs. I’ll go through the various adjustment layers I use, the general way I usually colour a gif, and what each adjustment layer achieves, but everyone colours their gifs differently. The best advice I have is to experiment with the adjustment layers until you find something that looks good for you.


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It’s cheeky (xx)

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On this day in history In the spring of 1963, activists in Birmingham, Alabama launched one of the most influential campaigns of the Civil Rights Movement: Project C, better known as The Birmingham Campaign.

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